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  • Strong Passwords

    Strong passwords keep you safer. Make them long, complex, unique, and change them often — and never, ever set an account to automatically log in or store your password.

    Passwords are the key to your life. Whether for your computer, your email account, or your Facebook account, make your password long, complex, and unique.

    A strong password must have
    1) letters (lower and upper case)
    2) numbers
    3) symbols
    4) be at least 12 characters long
    5) should not have names or dates related to you (eg. Tenzin1985 or Rangzen59)

    An easy way to create your password is to think of a phrase or sentence that means something to you, add or replace some letters with numbers and symbols and use first letter of each word as well as the numbers and symbols. If your sentence is ‘My best friend’s father had to leave Tibet when he was only nine years old!’, your password could be: Mbffh2lTwhwo9yo!