Basic Digital Security Lessons

Additional Languages

Computer & Online Security

Protektor Manual

This downloadable manual gives an overview and step-by-
step tutorial on how to encrypt your email, secure your chats, clean your computer system and more (for Windows, Mac, and Linux). View here.

Tactical Tech – Security in a Box

Detailed information on the following topics. View here.

  • How to protect your computer from malware and hackers
  • How to protect your information from physical threats
  • How to create and maintain secure passwords
  • How to protect the sensitive files on your computer
  • How to recover from information loss
  • How to destroy sensitive information
  • How to keep your Internet communication private
  • How to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet
  • How to protect yourself and your data when using social networking sites

Mobile Security


We recommend apps from the Guardian Project and their partners:


Guardian: How to Chat Securely
Guardian: How to Browse Freely
Guardian: How to Call Securely
Tactical Tech: How to Use Mobile Phones as Securely as Possible
Tactical Tech: How to Use Smartphones as Securely as Possible