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  • HTTPS Keeps You Secret – Safe – Secure

    If you see “HTTP” at the beginning of a website address, it means that everything you are doing online can be easily viewed and monitored. Whether you are emailing, chatting, or just browsing, someone else can see the website you are looking at and the words or images you are typing and sending through the internet.

    https-browserIf you see an ‘S’ next to the HTTP – as you might have noticed when using Gmail, Facebook or an online bank (https://www.facebook.com) – it means you have a layer of privacy on the internet. . The S stands for SECURE and it means that, although someone can still tell you are doing something online, they can’t tell exactly what you are doing or saying.

    Remember: Unless you see the “S,” your password, emails, chat messages, comments and all your activities can be watched and monitored by others!

    Keep your messages and activities private by choosing websites and services that use HTTPS.

    Look for httpS in the address bar to make sure you stay Secret – Safe – Secure!