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  • Don’t be a hoarder!

    Do you ever clean out your digital closet the way you clean out the junk from your house?

    From the beginning of your journey online you have sent or received so many emails – personal and work-related. Many of these include photos and files that you do not need, but are now saved online forever! These are the kind of files that online attackers may be interested to steal for monetary gain, and possibly even use against you.

    Protect yourself: Clean out your digital closet today!

    Here are a few easy ways you can keep your online clutter to a minimum:

    1. Do a little every other day. Take 5 minutes to go through your digital closet and delete old emails & files. You’ll be surprised at how much you get through!
    2. Take your important data offline.
    • Download all of your old emails onto your computer and delete the files online.(Make sure access to your computer is password protected and that it’s physically safe from theft!)
    • Download a mail client (Thunderbird, etc.) onto an external drive and download all your mail there.

    And always remember:

    Don’t be a hoarder! Clean out your digital closet and protect your privacy.